Ever since I was able to pick up a crayon, I could not help but create as much as possible.

Being an artist, was a goal of mine from a very young age. From elementary to high school I studied in numerous art courses and spent my free time drawing and painting. I studied AP Fine Art & Design during high school, where I placed 2nd place during a juried art gallery.


After high school, I continued to create during most of my spare time. Most of my life I have been struggling with anxiety, depression and  the painful disorder, called endometriosis. Art has been such a great outlet for me and creating has been so therapeutic.  Even during my most painful days, I am thankful that I can draw and paint. Art has been a great tool for me to independently release any stress that I am experiencing. I created the art name, Twisted Flamingo to describe my work as a whole. Twisted Flamingo was inspired by the concept of the philosophical term, "yin and yang." You cannot truly appreciate the beauty that the world offers without experiencing struggles. "Flamingo" represents the high use of color in my work, while "twisted" represents the shadows and dark concepts that inspire me.


Since my first solo art show in 2016,  I have really enjoyed sharing my work with others in more public settings and contributing to my community.  My artistic career has ranged from paintings, murals, illustrations, media design, photography and tattoos. While I like to explore multiple artistic mediums,  I tend to focus on acrylic, watercolor and digital paintings.  I am heavily inspired by film, animals, nature, tattoos, the universe and the beauty of people. My work has been described as dreamy and having a realistic approach with a high use of contrast and color.



From filmmakers, to hairstylists, makeup artists, dancers, musicians and culinary artists, I am surrounded by so many inspirational people. I adore how art allows us to connect with one another in our own individual way. Portions of my art work have been donated to numerous charities and fundraisers. My goal is to continue to create and help give back to those inspirational communities and causes in the best way that I can.

Charities that have been included are: The International Elephant Foundation, The Treatment Advocacy Center for Mental Health, The Endometriosis Foundation of America, The Aquarium of the Pacific, The World Wildlife Fund, The L.A. Food Bank, The O.C. Food Bank, Amuse 4 Autism and a local beehive rescue and habitat preservation fund. Thank you very much for checking out my creations!



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